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I thought I would put together a little list of stuff that I like and think, quite frankly, is completely brilliant! It may be useful to you, or it may not but here it is anyway!!

Buying kit?

In New Zealand

Bivouac Outdoor is an awesome chain of shops to find kit in. I’ve been a regular customer at the Newmarket branch, the staff are very knowledgeable and they have been a fantastic support in helping me get my kit together!

New Balance have also been fantastic in supplying me with a brilliant range of shoes  for my run! The outlet store on Beaumont Street is super and Jo is mega helpful!

In the United Kingdom

The only place to go is www.likeys.com for running/adventure racing/triathlon clothing and equipment I don’t think a better place could exist. It is run by a barking mad couple, Martin and Sue, based over in the Brecon Beacons, who have run a whole variety of extreme ultra marathons and offer exceptionally sound and honest advice about what kit is needed. I would most definitely not feel as secure with many of my kit choices as I do if it weren’t for these two Welsh lovelies! Thank you!!

Special thanks to:

Department of ConservationWe are staying at Department of Conservation campsites along our route. Find out more about DOC campsites visit www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-stay/conservation-campsites-by-region

Bivouac OutdoorsFor supplying me with a pair of Innov8 trail shoes and a discount off other outdoor kit I need for my challenge! Thanks Andrew and Nick!

New BalanceFor providing me with 5 pairs of running shoes and a couple of pairs of leggings! Thanks Josh and Jo!

Triathletes CornerFor providing me with leg compression gear, a visor and hugs every time I go into the shop!! Thanks Jason!

Pure Sports NutritionFor providing me with all the electrolye powders I will need for the duration of my run, with no artificial ingredients they are completely delicious! Thanks Rosa and Marewa!

RadiowavesFor providing me with a half-price Spot-tracker and committing to donate 10c for every km I run! Brilliant! Thanks David!

EmbroidMeFor providing me with running gear that promotes my website and charity sponsorship! Thanks Roger and Helen!

Active PhysioFor providing me with very much needed physio (massage/acupuncture) to help get me to the start line! Thanks Kath, Jeff and Sebastian!

Mission Bay PilatesFor providing me with fantastic pilates classes in the final build up to the run! Thanks Kirsten!

Speedy SignsFor working with Hina to provide me with branding for my support campervan, spreading the word about supporting Starship and New Hope! Thanks Hina and Brett!

SOS Survival trainingFor working with Misty, Ken and Georgia to provide me with a days training on survival in New Zealand’s wilderness! Thanks Misty, Ken, Georgia and Stu!

Like a good read?

Just a Little Run Around the World
By Rosie Swale-Pope is absolutely incredible. What an inspiration. Reading this book has given me a renewed determination heading towards my goal, whilst keeping perspective of what I am doing. I will think of Rosie and her brilliant thoughts a lot on my adventure. Her relentless positivity in the face of extreme situations, is truly remarkable. Thank you Rosie!

Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession
By Richard Askwith is also a very powerful read. For me this completely highlighted the importance of mental strength and self-belief to achieve what is at the edge of your own capabilities. Without them, things largely remain out of reach. I know I can’t let my thoughts spiral into a negative place at any point of the challange for too long. If this starts to happen I will burst into song, or think that I could be attempting the Bob Graham Round where you have no choice but to push to your extreeme limits for 24 hours solid!

Running Beyond Limits
By Andy Murray.  A lovely man from Scotland running from Scotland to the Sahara! He also weaves in tales of many other crazy events he has done and gives an interesting perspective on these. He also participated in Martin and Sue Like’s 6633 Ultra that covers 350 self-sufficient miles through the arctic! A great read!

Survival of the Fittest
By Mike Stroud

Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of an All night Runner
By Dean Karnazes

The Great Run
By Braam Malherbe

Swim Bike Run
By Alistair and Jonny Brownlee

Born to Run
By Christopher McDougal

A Life Without Limits
Chrissie Wellington

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