About New Hope

GirlsNew Hope is an incredible organisation that tirelessly works to better the lives of so many people. Their  key statement being; We work for change – to change the quality of living of the poorest people in the communities where we work – an open door policy that is hinged on compassion. The scope of their work includes;

  • Caring for and treating people affected by leprosy.
  • Providing care and education for children who have been orphaned, are affected by HIV, have disabilities and have nowhere else to go.
  • Performing cataract eye surgery on elderly tribal people who have no money.
  • Helping reduce infant mortality in tribal villages, providing safe birthing kits, encouraging people to become literate and opening up an understanding of how to avoid exploitation.
  • Helping provide support, accommodation and healthcare to victims of natural disasters. New Hope were heavily involved in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami as well as last year’s devastating Cyclone Phailin.

Where will your sponsorship money go?

I am raising money specifically to support the young adults New Hope care for through their further education/apprenticeships. By having a good level or education these children will go on to have a much greater chance of securing quality employment. This in turn provides them with financial independence and the chance of a bright future.

Education/apprenticeship programmes and the cost

New Hope provide education for the children in their care from Reception to Year 8 within the school based at the children’s village. Children are then supported by the organisation to further their education in a local high school and then choose if they want to go on to secure a place on an apprenticeship program or participate in higher education. Supporting the children’s further education is challenging financially for New Hope and this is where I want to help by raising sufficient funds through my run sponsorship. 100% of any donation you make will go to this project, New Hope is run by volunteers and there are no administration costs deducted.

Nursing qualification

It costs £200 for a years nurse training

Lakshmi and her brother and sister were found living on a railway platform and were taken to New Hope by a social worker. Their mother is sadly a commercial sex worker and suffers from mental health problems. All of the children are attending school, Lakshmi is happy, active and enjoys helping in the kitchen. She has completed her High School education and is now training as a Multipurpose Health Worker

University qualifications

It costs £200 per year to fully support a University student

Pakala lived on railway platforms as a child and fell between a train carriage and the track whilst being chased by a security guard. He was found by New Hope in hospital in a critical condition after having his right arm amputated at the shoulder. At New Hope Giri slowly revealed his academic skills. Here was a boy who lost his right arm and never spoke English as a child, who learnt to write with his left hand and master English. He passed all his exams and secured a seat at University and is now studying for a Master Degree in English. New Hope have raised funds for his accommodation and first year books but our challenge is to raise £200 to fund his second year. His goal one day is to return to New Hope school as a teacher.

Nagaraju lost both his mother and father to AIDS. Naharaju was born HIV free but sadly his brother was positive and passed away in 2011. Nagaraju is very studious and passed all of his High School exams with good marks. He is studying at a Polytechnic College and aims to gain a Diploma in Electronics.

Tailoring apprenticeship

It costs £250 to fully support a trainee tailor for a year

INDIRA is an orphaned girl who arrived at New Hope needing a lot of emotional support. She is now 19 years old and doing really well on her ‘Second stage tailoring’ program. She now spends her holidays at New Hope, working with the senior girls teaching them simple sewing techniques.


Such as diesel mechanic, fitter, welder, electrician cost £240 a year

SATISH was found as a small child wandering on a Railway Station platform and it took a few years for him to adjust and settle at New Hope. He is now 18 years old and has just completed his welding apprenticeship. The other three lads in the photograph are hoping to secure apprenticeships.

High School Education

It costs £98 a year to support a child through High School

All of the children photographed here attend the local High School close to the New Hope centre where they live.


The more support I receive from my run sponsorship the more children New Hope will be able to support through their education. Please help me to help them achieve this amazing level of support and the chance of providing a bright future to children who have come from such sad places.

To find out more about the amazing work New Hope do please click here!


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