I have just run 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff!

Hello and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Mina and I have just run 3,000km, the length of New Zealand, following the Te Araroa trail! I did this bonkers challenge to raise money to help kids at both Starship Children's Hospital and those cared for by New Hope. To support me or to find out more please explore my website! Thank you SO much!

3,000km 1 pair of legs!

77 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes! That is how long it took to run the length of New Zealand from Cape Reinga in the north, down to Bluff in the south. The above map shows the exact route I took, recorded by the Spot Tracker I carried with me. The trail is officially 2,996km but my garmin clocked that I actually ran 3,269km! The total elevation climbed over this distance was 82.94km, my average daily distance (excluding the 3 rest days) was 43.6km with 1106m ascent. The total time I spent on the trail was 828 hours 37 minutes, with a daily average of 11 hours 5 minutes.

Running Te Araroa consisted mostly of trails, with some road sections and many water crossings. I am not a professional athlete; I took up running around 8 years ago and discovered my love of trail running soon after that. I have completed several ultra-distance events including the Marathon des Sables. When I first heard about the trail I felt drawn to it and excited about the potential of such an adventure. I committed to this challenge for so many reasons; first and foremost is the potential it gives me to raise a substantial amount of money to make a difference to the lives of children. I have now completed the physical side of the challenge but I’m still super keen to continue to fundraise in order to support my chosen charities! Please do support if you can!

This challenge would not have been possible without the incredible support both James and Ad gave me. With these 2 epic men alongside me I knew anything was possible!! They took it in turns to either run with me, or drive the support van and carry out the many duties that were needed to keep the momentum of the challenge going.

All donations received through sponsorship will go directly to help children at Starship Children’s Hospital and New Hope. All sponsorship I raise in New Zealand will go to the Starship Foundation, helping children in Starship Children’s hospital, New Zealand. All sponsorship I raise in the UK will go to New Hope Rural Community Trust, helping children in India.

I have strong links with both of the charities I am supporting; Starship Foundation and New Hope Rural Community Trust. Since living in New Zealand I have been volunteering once a week in the school at Starship. I have seen many incredible examples of the care and support children and families receive whilst at Starship. I will be specifically raising money for paediatric cardiac equipment. Since 2011 I have been a trustee for New Hope Rural Community Trust, an amazing charity I spent some time in India working with in 2011, who care for orphaned and HIV affected children. To find out more about these incredible organisations please click on the different tabs at the top of the page.

If you have any questions that my site does not answer, or would like to contact me please do so at runnz2014@yahoo.com.

A million thank yous………….

I would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Anna for building this beautiful website. Also a HUGE thanks to Greg for spending, quite literally, endless hours updating and tweaking it as well as creating “THE MAP!” Sylvain is also a legend for designing my awesome logo – whoop!